Saturday, October 08, 2011

Why Kindle Has Become So Popular

 The number one selling item on Amazon is the Kindle. It's time to open the book to see what makes this item so popular.
I am one who embraces technology with one arm and pushes it away with the other. One of my recent holdouts has been the Kindle. I have a hard time with the idea of snuggling up to a warm fireplace with a Kindle to read the latest works of my favorite authors.
Being stubbornly resistant to the Kindle, I purchased a paperback version of a book I need for my work I was anxious to get started, so I wasted no time in poring through the book to uncover the needed treasures that would pave the way to fame and fortune.
As I read, I did in fact uncover some information that I would refer to time and again; that is, if I were able to find it again. I soon found myself thumbing through the paperback, scouring the index and the table of contents, trying to relocate that gem I so desperately needed.
That's when it hit me. I suddenly understood the value of a Kindle and why they have become so popular. I knew why they had become the number one best seller on Amazon.
As it turns out, I never found what I needed. Had I succumbed to the Kindle movement, I could have found my tidbits of information in a matter of seconds.
For me, at least, the best thing about the Kindle is the ability to perform searches. By inputting a few keywords, I could have been revisiting the information I had earlier deemed to be so important. Even better yet, this time I could have bookmarked it so I would never have to make that same search again.
At this point, I was almost in the club. However, I still had one more holdout: I didn't want to be held captive in the world of electronic oldies. My imagination envisioned only the viewing of outdated material that, by now, had lost its appeal and usefulness.
Once again, I had fooled myself. A quick search of Amazon revealed that within minutes I could be electronically cuddling up to the latest penning, as it were, of my favorite authors.
With all that in mind, as for now, count me in. However, I don't want it to go any farther; I already have my mind made up to rebuke the next advancement that is made for my benefit. But they did get me with the Kindle.

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