Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device

Usually when things grow up, they get bigger. Not the Kindle; it got smaller. Funny thing, though, it does more. The Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device has everything you can think of. In fact, it will even babysit you. What does that mean?

That means that it will read you a bedtime story. It's true. It has a text-to-speech Read to Me feature that will read a book for you. Not only is it handy at bedtime, but it is great while driving in your car. Better yet, you can listen to it during one of those long, drawn out meetings at work.

Besides its portability, the best feature of the Kindle DX is probably the High Contrast E Ink Pearl Screen. Even at nearly 10 inches, it doesn't stop the 1/3-inch thick Kindle from being convenient. The E Ink Pearl screen provides much higher contrast for spot-on graphics and text as sharp as that of a newspaper.

However, don't stop with the newspaper. The Kindle will allow you to read PDFs, magazines and graphic-rich books; all with no glare from sunlight or other bright lights. It looks like you are reading off paper!

Once you have finished reading the current material, getting another book or magazine is no problem. The Kindle DX has free 3G wireless in 100 different countries so you can download something else to read in less than 60 seconds. No computer is required. With over 3GB of memory, the Kindle will store well over 3,000 of the more than 750 thousand books available.

The battery will last up to three weeks, and recharging it is simple with the included power adapter or the USB that plugs right into your computer.

Other great features of the Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device:

* Auto-Rotating Screen for viewing landscape layouts

* Built-In PDF Reader

* 5-Way Controller for accurate text selection and highlighting right on the screen

* Read your media everywhere by using the Kindle app to view it from your Android Device, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and others

* Archives your books online for later retrieval in case of accidental deletion

* 8 adjustable font sizes for more comfortable and faster reading

* Full zoom on images

* Wireless access to Wikipedia

This is not a complete list of all the features and benefits of the Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device. However, it is enough to give you a good idea of how remarkable this e-reader is--especially when it is reading you to sleep.

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